The Research Databank on Romanian Minorities




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  • The Research Databank on Romanian Minorities

    The Research Data bank on Romanian Minorities is a project of the ROMANIAN INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON NATIONAL MINORITIES (RIRNM). The databank partly includes the English versions of the data bases and research descriptions already available in Erdélyi Magyar Adatbank in order to make these accessible for a wider public.

    The databank is constantly being updated with own research projects of the RIRNM.

    The databank has two objectives:

    • To promote a better and democratic information flow among professionals working in social sciences,
    • To facilitate clear and easy access to research results for those who are not trained in social sciences.

    Access to materials:

    • Unlimited access to questionnaires, research documentation and publications gathered in each case,
    • Questions concerning the popularity or opinions about politicians have been erased both from the data bases and from the documentation related to the research projects.
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  • Bokor Zsuzsa, Horváth István, Vitos Katalin